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    I decided to run a test today and turn off GPS to see what kind of battery I can save. I asked my GF to do the same.


    At lunch, she said her battery was down to 51% when it's normally around 60% - 65%. Mine went from 100% to 83% in about 2 hours with GPS off as well.

    Does this mean that something is trying like crazy to use the GPS chip and can't because it's off? Is it just One Of Those Days and I chose a bad day to run this test (we all have them where the battery drops like a rock for no apparent reason)?

    We are both using UnixPsycho's F102 (screenstate locked @ 500/800). Both Sprint Pre, WebOS, not launch Pre - both got towards end of 2009.

    We both are doing absolutely nothing different with our phones today than we normally do any other day.


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    I keep mine on and off and have run battery tests and their is a little battery savings with the GPS off. Maybe you have an app that relies on the GPS and it keeps trying to update.
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    It's most reasonable to do these battery tests on a clean install/doctored phone that has been restarted a couple times. In my experience, there are apps that may cause add'l battery drain. It's hard to figure out which apps these are because they can background unseen.
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    I save a little bit of life keeping it off unless I need it.

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