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    Not sure if anyone else has noticed on their devices. A lot of time when I do a reboot (say from Preware) or anywhere. The phone will hand and sit at the Palm logo for ages.
    The only way for me to get it going is to hit the Sym+Orange+R and that will kick it back into the reboot mode where it will finally boot up after about 3 minutes.

    Currently have 30+ patches, homebrew, Preware, and Uberkernal (this was happening before I installed the kernal though, so it's not the problem)

    Is there a reason for this?
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    I had this happen a while ago as well. A trip to the Doctor will resolve it or just wait for the next webOS should go away.
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    Yah I have already done the Doctor thing a bit back after the update for other reasons so it has been doctored fairly recently.

    Just not sure if it is more a hardware issue, buggy code in OS, patches playing nicely with each other and the OS or just plain stupid ole human error. lol

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