SVNGR is a location based services type game that is available on the iphone and android. My friend works for them and has described to me some of the possibilities and it sounds like a lot of fun. ( a lil google startup money btw)

For instance, you can set up a bar crawl scavenger hunt. Get a group and one person signs up as the lead who receives hints. Then he receives hints giving you clues as to the identity of the next bar, i.e "Black and white and out there" And someone realizes that its the "Crazy Zebra" bar ( made that up give me a break). Also works for kids in a zoo, gives them hints as to what animal exhibit to go to, when they get there they get another hint for the next animal. You get the picture

Anyways I posted on there website asking for WebOS support and was hoping some of you might find this intriguing and get behind it as well.

I Cant post the link because of my post count but go to their site and get after it!