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    I noticed in Preware a lot of patches were updated, are we getting anything major with this update?
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    not really, just pdk support for the masses, including pixi
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    Not necessarily, Patches are set per OS version, so if someone submits a 1.4.5 patch/update it'll be only for that OS when it becomes available.

    Chances are a patch in one version won't work in the others, so it wouldn't make sense that they'd update for a new release.
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    That and I read something about an upgrade from AUPT3 to AUPT4, regarding binary support>? IDK... im no dev, but its got everything to do with preware/patch support and auto updates.
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    Brought to you by the department of redundancy department, which encourages you to only create new threads in an emergency...

    Let's keep our search engine unclogged and working well. Your phone will thank you!
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    Good for you Cantaffordit for being a real jerk. As it happens, I'm an on the road truck driver so I apologize if I do not have a lot of time to spend searching forums on my phone, my current only way to get online.
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    I did notice that a lot of my applications had updates in the past few days. Made me wonder the same thing.
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    Patches were updated from AUPT-3 to AUPT-4, so you might see a lot of patches updates.

    No need to manually update the patches as of now.
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    only create in a emergency? It's a phone lolol ,o man,,its a phone,,lmao. O god got to clean up the milk coming out my nose.
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    You people realize the 1.4.5 update allows a ton of PDK games to be released into both phones' app catalogs. I wouldn't suprised if there was a huge app drop when the update comes out.

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