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    In short: after running the Restore feature of "Pre Backup Utility" (the homebrew app), my palm profile was partially wiped!

    After searching, I am not aware of this problem being reported elsewhere.

    Last night I received my first warranty replacement for my VZW Pre plus. The palm profile does not include, among other things, SMS messages (some of which I have wanted to keep) and Memos. To my knowledge there is no reliable way to back these up.

    Save Restore does not have the ability to restore these as of yet.
    Pre Backup Utility claims that it does.

    When I got my new device, I signed into my palm profile, and all of my exchange and other email + calendar accounts signed in without problem (after re-entering my passwords). All my App Catalog apps reinstalled no problem. The Launcher arrangement was largely as it was in my original device (so the palm profile seems to keep this information).

    I then loaded the usb drive data back into my phone (pics, ringtones, movies etc) and re synced my music (I still use iTunes as I haven't updated it since the original pre release!).

    I then entered development mode (with its mandatory restart) and reinstalled preware and all of my homebrew. (Of note: I did not have any active patches or kernels at this time)

    I then ran Save Restore, and restored what it could. (When it was done, there was no prompt for a restart - so I did not restart)

    I then ran Pre Backup Utility and did a full restore.
    It was recommended that I restart - So I did!

    When the restart was finished, I got a screen that I have never seen before. I do not remember exactly what it said, but it was something to the effect of I had to restart again and log into my palm profile. I was not given a choice of action. When the phone booted up again, it acted like it was being turned on for the first time, and forced me to log into my palm profile. It had me re-supply all of my passwords and began syncing of all my exchange and other accounts. I did find it strange that it was not trying to sync my applications.

    However, when this process was over, all of my apps (app catalog and homebrew) were gone! The only apps there were the ones that come with the phone. I restarted again, hoping that this would fix the problem, but no dice. I called palm cust support and they said sorry, they could not help me with this problem, and I would have to re-install all apps, one by one.

    As it was, the paid apps installed without asking for more money, so there must have been some remnant of this information in my palm profile.

    In the end, I did not get my sms messages restored as I initially hoped. However, I was able to restore my memos (very important to me). These memos were not part of my palm profile, so if I did not run Pre Backup Utility, I would have lost them. All of my app settings were there (well, most of 'em!). All of my bookmarks and cookies were intact. I am not sure which process restored these (e.g. I am not sure if these are part of the palm profile, as I did not check to see if they were restored until the whole fiasco was over).

    This whole ordeal turned into 4 hours. It was frustrating to be sure. I lost the sms messages, and I wonder if anyone knows how to restore these. It is a shame that there is no way to do this, as it was so easy on the treo. I did get my memos. Although, it might have been easier just to re-type them all. (my old pre was still able to display these).

    I have no Idea how my palm profile got corrupted, or why I was forced to restart again after just completing a restart and why I was forced to re-enter the profile.

    Any one else out there with an experience like this? I hope that my next device exchange goes a little bit better!

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    Bill, sounds like what I'm dealing with. I've described in some detail over in the Pre Backup Utility thread. Did you lose all your applications after the Restore and the phone required a reboot?
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    Although not automated, if you search the forums, there is a thread with instructions on how to retrieve the palm database from the phone and dump its data so you can manually restore it.
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    having a similar issue

    update- following suggestions from the pre backup utility thread, i was able to restore my phone completely
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