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    A while back, Mobile Hotspot was available in the App Catalog even for Sprint users.
    Anyone on Sprint recieved an error when trying to launch the app however, saying it is not supported by the provider.
    I kept the app installed and tried running it today to see if it's working and it actually launched.
    I enabled it and set up a key but cant tell if it's actually working correctly yet because i'm at work and cant test it.

    Is there anyone else out there that was able to download Mobile Hotspot when it was available and didnt delete it that can check to see if this is working? Did Sprint enable this for the Pre and i just didnt know?

    Just wondering if it's enabled for use now if you kept the non working app, or if they have or are planning on making this available for Sprint some time soon (for a fee?).

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    It has been working for some time. It did break at one point but I think it was back up and running with 1.4.0 when that came out. I've had it installed for a very long time and use it here and there with no issues.

    See this thread..
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    Here's a better thread if you're running WebOS
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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