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    Is it possible? If possible, what would and would not work on the device and why? Has it been done?
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    If you can get Sprint to activate the ESN, then it's possible. That's not going to happen though...
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    Why not? Im a current Palm Pre user already. If I buy a phone myself why wouldn't they activate it? Is it locked to Verizon or something?
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    the system does not allow an off-network esn in the database (aka sprint will not activate a verizon phone, (visa versa)
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    Hearing stuff like that makes me miss GSM. Sure sometimes the 3g networks were incompatible but if the phone was unlocked it didn't matter if the company sold the phone or not. Put the card in the new phone and it works like a charm.
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    And thus you have peoeple who are more willing to sell or steal your phone if found then return it.

    When i had nextel i had my phone "lost" twice in two years. One i was at a party put it down to play beer pong, went to the bathroom, came back and it was gone.

    Sprint i've never have had a phone stolen and the time i did lose it in a cab someone called my father who called me and i got it back.

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