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    Good morning,

    In the basement at my work I just tried to start the app radio time, I have wifi set to off, have no 3g, heck it says 1x then has one little service bar. Am I missing how this all works? why does this work when I dont have internet?
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    You do have internet.
    It's just not as quick and efficient.
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    Where I live, we do everything on 1x or wifi. Streaming music isn't half bad over 1x.
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    so 3g is internet, but I also get internet at a slower speed through my normal phone reception? Am I undestanding this right?
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    3G is just a term for the '3rd generation of wireless data'.

    Wireless data has been around for a long time. 1xrtt data is still internet, just slower.

    1x would be like dial up and 3G would be like DSL

    Read this for more info..
    CDMA2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    gotcha^^^^ Thank you!

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