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    I've had my Pre Plus for two months now, and I've never gotten the Too Many Cards error. How many cards do you generally have open when you get this error?
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    I can only speak for the Sprint Pre, and that answer is generally one 3D game plus any other card.
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    I have a Pre and don't seem to get them with a certain number of cards open, like today I had the msg w/only 1 card open (email) and it was practically frozen. Then later on this eve I got it again w/about 6 cards up. I've had many more w/no probs in the past, tho. Just depends (on what I have no clue).

    I'm convinced there's stuff going on in the background w/my Pre. Gremlins. maybe...
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    The most simple apps I can open is around 20, more data intense apps, at best 10. That's on a stock sprint pre.
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    It depends. It ranges from zero to ten. I really wish there was a decent memory manager so when I get those dang TMC error messages when I have no cards open at all, it would be nice to be able to identify the offending app. Right now, the only solution is to do a Luna restart.
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    I've never seen in on my Verizon Pre+, I've had as many as 35 open at one time, all the games I had were included in there. Videos on Youtube show people just giving up at 50+.
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    This is mainly a problem with the Sprint Pre. All Pre Pluses have double the RAM of the Sprint version. I usually get the error either when trying to launch a 3D game or if I have a couple of heavy web pages open. It's a shame... that's the main thing I don't like about my Pre, as it keeps me from wanting to try out 3D games cuz I'm sure I won't always want to restart the phone just to play them.
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    For my Pre (Sprint) sometimes trying to open 1 card is too many cards (see avatar)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggrey View Post
    This is mainly a problem with the Sprint Pre.
    Yep, all us stuck out here in sticksville with an inferior phone and no direction to go except for the EVO .
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    I have yet to see this message, but I rarely have more then 6 cards open.

    Verizon Pre+
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    I haven't seen this error is a long time on my Sprint Pre, and I play 3D games. Are you guys trying to listen to Pandora while playing NOVA or something?

    There are 2 patches that really help: JsTop and Preset Reset. Set it up to restart at 3am and you're gold. I hope Palm takes a few pages out of the JsTop book for the next big update.
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    it all depends, months ago i would have 10 cards open, now with all the apps i have i normally get 6 apps open, but if i run preware i get the TMC error. I used to get the TMC error a lot with UK alpha version -31. Now i'm running UK -21; relieves it a bit. Anyways I'm always running facebook beta, bad kitty, messaging, and email apps all the time. Those are the only ones i really need in reality open all the time. I was having trouble with TweetMe, the latest version scrolling stopped being smooth and i would sometimes get the TMC error just by running TweetMe, so i temporarily switched to Bad Kitty

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    Honestly. Just one. i get it all the time. no clue why. often with the web browser too.
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    Never seen TMC on my VZW Pre+ even with two 3d games open!
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    Sprint Pre: No 3D games: 20ish cards.
    3D game...6 maybe.
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    Sprint Pre: Phone App, Pandora, Quake, Weather Channel, Memos, Photos and 2 Browser cards, then TMC won't let me open any more. I'm running the Uber-Kernel with Govnah set on Screenstate 500/800MHz and memlimit at 32MB. Impressive.
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    I got to 56 once... Asphault 5, sandstorm, xplane helo, plane carrier, card ace youtube, messaging, a ton of other aps and abou 12 websites.... Then I got bored. Have yet to see a TMC error..
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    There is absolutely no formula for how many cards (as this thread should show you). It is about memory used (which includes functions running in the background that my not have a card open).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honis View Post
    There are 2 patches that really help: JsTop and Preset Reset. Set it up to restart at 3am and you're gold. I hope Palm takes a few pages out of the JsTop book for the next big update.

    JStop doesn't do anything that webos doesn't already do..... the only thing it does do is give you the ability to attempt to force webos to garbage collect (which webos already does). The true innovations are coming from the cats that are changing the way the kernel deals with memory management and if HPalm were able to incorporate some of those into the kernel (even if just for the sprint Pre's you would see actual improvements over using JStop).
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    I have a sprint pre and before overclocking my pre I use dto go like 6 to 10 apps or 1 3d game and that's it.

    now I can get like 30 and 35 after ocerclocking my pre to run at 1ghz with compcache enabled. I an three 3d games at once and various apps and no tmc.

    I just love it. Super fast.....

    Palm Pre rocks
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