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    If you notice Palm Updates the Software every other couple of months. Next will be 1.4.5 and still the same Hardware

    On the other side, HTC makes a new Hardware every other months but uses the same Software on all of them.

    What your rather have within the next 2 weeks? A new Hardware from Palm or 1.4.5?
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    personally, software, i think the hardware is good to last for a few years for me.
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    software always. I like my hardware. Without software, it's a paperweight. With webOS and Preware, it's a miracle. I want more miracle, not more paperweight.
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    I don't think I need a new phone every couple of months. Every two years seem to work pretty well for me, I am just saying.
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    everyone seems very patient between iPhone hardware updates, and much less patient with Palm...
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    Apps > Polished, bugless, OS > preware OS > premature OS > Hardware

    In order to get more apps to develope, we need more Pre users. In order to get more Pre user, you need nice hardware to attract new buyer.
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    I think it is a waste of money to buy a phone every month or so. I hope my pre to last for three or more years.

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