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    So for some reason my new Palm Pre Plus decides it doesn't want to charge in a timely fashion anymore. Last night I put my phone on the charger before I go to bed(around 11pm), it's at about 3-5% charged, I wake up(around 5 for work) to a phone that's only 83% charged. I've done all the little tweeks for my phone, like setting my email server to only try to get messages every hour or so, or rubbing it with oil, and leaving it under my mattress, and all the other obscure 'tricks' to get it to be more eco-friendly... any ideas guys?

    **Please don't take the baseball glove reference seriously...**
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    Does it always charge this slowly?

    Try installing Battery Monitor. Then run it while charging. You should see battery "drain" of around -50% per hour.

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