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    Hi there,

    my Pre fell on the ground, ever since my phone function is offline, the rest of the phone (apps organizer...) is doing fine besides, that it doesn't charge any more...

    a friend of mine who is familiar with repairing mobile-phones, fixed some cracks in the flex cable (under the microscope!). After that it worked for 3 days but now i'm back where i started. (probably the repairs were unstable and got loose while in my pocket or whatever)

    I'm looking for 2 hours now without success...Does anybody know a place, where i can get a spare flex cable? or maybe a repair service (best would be near Munich, Germany) that doesn't charge me too much? Palm offered me to repair my phone for 146,88 (repair flat rate).

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    It's not in Germany but here is one place you could try:

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    hmm its not in their online sortiment but tomorrow i'll try to give them a call

    thanks so far
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    perhaps Home
    contact pc user Richard Rosenberger.
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    it is only going to be available as a pachage with other parts (like the screen)...
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    I just had a phone call with pdatechcenter ppl and they said they get such flex cables in the next 2 weeks, only problem, there are 2 cables in the palm pre. They offered me to send me 2 pictures with the 2 types by email -> great service !

    Thanks for the hint, i'll post as soon as i got news.
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    so folks in the end i bought a broken pda on ebay and built out that cable. Any way that mr Rosenberger also got the cable in stock now so thanks for the hint

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