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    The mobile hotspot app is simply nowhere to be found on my Pre Plus (Verizon).
    I think I installed the "Hide MobileHotspot" patch before the update. But now that Verizon has made it free to use, I'd like to get in on it, but I can't find the app.

    My confusion comes from how I've doctor'd my Pre at least once since I installed that patch.
    I was thinking I could try to install the patch, then uninstall it, but it's no longer
    supported on 1.4.1 and later, so that wouldn't work.
    Any other ideas? Is there any way to download it maybe?
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    Did you download the mobile hotspot app? If you've doctored, you'll need to re-install that app, since it doesn't come with the phone. Check the app catalog and see if you can find it.
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    I've looked in the official catalog and in Preware with no dice. The closest I've come is searching Precentral and pulling up the Mobile Hotspot app and clicking the link, but when the App Catalog opens, it just gives me an error message that "The action could not be completed. Please try again later." I also tried the Pixi app just to geet the typical 'this is not supported on your device' message.

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