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    I am having an issue where chat/IM/text threads I have swiped away and deleted are returning after I restart my messaging app. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? And should I be concerned that I have a corrupt database or something? This has happened a couple first I thought maybe I didn't delete the thread, but tonight I know I did--and there it is again! Others are deleted and stay deleted. I tend not to keep them all since some of the IM threads get pretty long and I don't want to bog messaging or the Pre down.

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    I had that previously. Had to doctor for something else, and that seemed to clear it up. Not sure what was causing it...
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    You do have any patches installed for the messaging app? I don't know about the other patches, but I do know the "hold to open new card" (not sure if that's the exact name) has a known bug doing that. With that patch, you basically need to delete the conversation in the original card, not in one of the additional cards
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    I figured out if you open the thread and delete the messages one by one, they will go away. But that might take long.
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