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    Tonight while using my Pre and IMing with a friend, it slowed down noticeably. This is not that unusual; a restart will usually correct the problem. However, it did not--and it is still super slow after multiple restarts, shutdowns, luna restarts, battery pulls, and in strange ways. For instance, I open the e-mail app and I have a white screen for 5-6 seconds while it brings up the main window--and then it takes forever to even open one of my inboxes.

    Also over the last few days the "too many cards" error is back with a vengeance. I've been overclocked for a while and it was much improved (using UberKernal and Govnah). I removed UberKernel (was still slow without it) and reinstalled it tonight thinking maybe that was screwed up somehow, but it did not make a difference.

    The device is almost unusably slow at this point. And it is definitely not acting like is is overclocked, even though Govnah still says it is. The email app seems to be the worst impacted.

    Any ideas?
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    sounds like you need a trip to the doctor
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    What do I lose if I Doctor? I have not had to do that yet.... And what's the difference between Doctor and the repair utility?
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    Have you cleaned history/cache/cookies lately ?
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    Well, I ran the repair utility (which only restored files that seemed to be related to the minimize logging trick I tried last week that is discussed in another thread), and my Pre restarted and was as snappy as ever. So, I wonder if that did something? I also deleted my history and cache, for good measure.

    I love my Pre...but sometimes it is just unpredictable and gives me a scare!

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