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    Hello everyone,

    I'm mrwahdy and I have recently bought a Palm Pre Plus on Verizons network. I have to say, I've had my eyes on WebOS, and the Pre, for quite some time, so it's very satisfying to finally get one (my upgrade was finally in).

    Now, since I'm new and all, I was wondering if you folks would be kind enough to thorw out some hints and tips, and maybe even a top ten list of great apps for webos. I did already do some looking around while my Pre Plus was upgrading to 1.4.1, but most of the results were not so satisfactory.

    I'd be greatly appreciative of your responses,


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    BTW...Welcome! Sorli...
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    Hi mrwahdy, and welcome to the P|C forums, webOS, and your new addiction!

    As shown so eloquently above, there are are several threads on this site for new users in order to help guide you through the features of your new device. We also have many threads with helpful tips on how to conserve battery life, change the look of your device through Themes, and how to get started in adding extra tweaks to your device through patches, and Homebrew applications.

    All of these items are in our Tips & Tricks forum. I would suggest reading through those as many of your current questions are answered in-depth.

    As for my suggestion for you to get the most enjoyment out of your device... I would suggest learning about Preware which is a single app that can easily be added to your device. Preware gives you access to hundreds of patches (tweaks), applications, and Themes for your device. Almost anything you want for customizing your device is there and will allow you to take your experience to another level.

    Take a look at the threads in the link above, and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask! Welcome to the forums and enjoy!

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