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    Yes, I have searched the forums... I have a new Pre Plus and a touchstone charger. I guess the problem is that once the battery is fully charged the Pre notifies you? I loaded Mode Switcher to stop it from alerting me with a sound, but it still lights up around 4AM every night, and whats worse is that it goes off and then lights up again, and again, and again until I take it off the charger. Is there away around this? Am I doing something wrong?
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    sounds like you have a bad touchstone... There is a thread around here about that...
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    It's a "known" issue that is being investigated by Palm. We are still actively researching it and looking to continue to collect log files for the issue so we can identify all possible root causes.
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    Look for an app called Battery Saver. It allows you to turn on and off airplane mode automatically at set times of the day. It may be a good work around for the touchstone issue.

    I set mine to turn off at midnight and turn on just before I come downstairs for work in the morning. I also use Preset Reset to reboot the phone in the morning as well. Now, I rarely get "Too Many Cards" notices anymore.
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