So, recently my service with Sprint was shut off due to a late bill and I was still using the phone still via the little trick there with the developer mode bypassing sprint registration (purchased a pre and then had my service shut off a couple days after until now). Today I payed my bill and used webosdoctor as instructed to restart everything. I noticed during the process it said my phone was disconnected wich it was not (it did this to me previously with webos doctor too but all was well in the end with the simple unplug of the phone FOR REAL and plugging it back in and then webosdoctor resumed its self).

Anyways my phone has been noticeably slow and sluggish and freeze like since my data was turned back on by Sprint. I live in an area with very low coverage i get one bar MAYBE if i am lucky and sitting in the right spot. Is the phone acting sluggish because of the above paragraph and multiple resets or can the kinda signal finding make the phone freeze? Does anyone have any suggestions on why its doing this or how to fix it? I liked the phones performance better on development mode lol.