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    When I view the files on my Pre from the computer in USB mode, the lowest (root) directory that shows up appears to be /media/internal/.

    I know from viewing the files with Internalz that there are folders and directories below that. Is there any way to view those from the computer in USB mode?
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    I believe you really mean directories above that, right? Directories like /etc or /var? That is the typical terminology the /media directory is above the /media/internal.

    The answer is you can't, usb access is limited to the directory you mentioned.

    If you truly did mean below, you can see all the subdirectories in /media/internal.
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    Sorry for my incorrect terminology. Yes, those directories (like /etc or /var) was what I was referring to.
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    No. Not via USB mode. That would be quite a security problem, since you'd have to have read/write access to everything then. You'd also have to use vfat on all partitions for compatability with other OS's. That' ain't gonna work so hot on a linux device, sorry.

    Is there a particular reason you feel you need access to the other stuff? It's easy to get that access over novaterm, and eventually SSH if you install that. If you want to poke around and play, you have most the tools you need on the device itself (vi, wget). There's no reason to have to mount those partitions remotely.
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    File search.

    Hopefully that will be added to Internalz at some point.

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