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    Hello all. I got a palm pre recently and quickly realised Vanilla wasn't my favourite flavour of pre. I started installing patches and the next day I noticed that my "Preferences & Accounts" screen for the default email app stopped showing my default account as well as the 2 sliders for the "All Inboxes" and "All Flagged" options. I can't edit any of my email settings now, it just shows up blank. I am wondering if there is a fix or will I have to take a trip to the doctor :S
    Sincerely Anivrom
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    Have you tried uninstalling all email related patchs.
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    decided to uninstall *all* email related patches instead of just theones that seemed relevant to my problem and now the settings ar showing up. Looks like I need to do some murderous luna restarts to find the culprit/s. :S
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    It may not have been a single patch, but rather a combination of them. You may never find it. Your best bet is to simply install the ones you need one by one (in order of priority to you) and test for at least a few hours after each one. If you find your bug comes back, then you can hopefully just uninstall the last one and get back to the functionality you want.
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