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    I'm not sure exactly how this works, but Launch Day Pre's are a year old and out of warrany but what if you had yours replaced?

    Despite my Pre issues then I stuck with the same launch phone until a week ago (slight oreo, power button didn't work, batt issues, constant crashes etc). I held back from replacing it earlier partially out of guilt (i didn't want to abuse poor Palm with constant returns) and partilly because I hoped replacing later might get me a Sprint Pre Plus (how in the world doesn't sprint have the Plus models?). Anyway, I paid $30 shipping to have mine replaced directly from Palm but now what does that mean for our replacement warranties? The power button and oreo are gone but it still can't take pics reliably, charges slow and crashes constantly (didnt even bother putting ANY apps this time). I'm sticking with the Pre as long as I can tolerate it but I don't want it to break and get told it's too late to replace again.
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    Did you take out the insurance on it?
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    generally the replacement comes with a 30 or 60 day warranty on it's own. You should check with your carrier. Once you get outside of the 1-year mfr warranty and beyond whatever is provided with the refurb... you are on your own... and at the mercy of Craigs List/eBay. How long have you had it?

    FYI, I'm pretty sure you can add Asurion coverage when you activate a refurb sent as a replacement - which I always do on phones under a 2-year contract (and because my company pays for it as part of the service...)

    Anyone having their phone replaced under warranty might see if they can use that opportunity to add it after the fact. You can also check out as they offer warranty products that can be added for a short while after purchase in some cases... YMMV
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    I'd think Palm/Sprint use the activation and we launch day owners now need to file with Assurion if issues arise.
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    If you are on TEP, you are still covered for free replacement for defects and $100 for lost, stolen or damage. TEP is the combination both of the below programs.

    Equipment Replacement Program:

    * Insurance coverage for lost, stolen or physically damaged devices.
    * $100 non-refundable deductible applies per approved replacement
    * For full terms and conditions, see the Coverage Certificate

    Equipment Service and Repair Program:

    * Provides coverage for mechanical or electrical failure, routine maintenance or failure from normal wear and tear.
    * No additional out-of-pocket charges to repair or replace your malfunctioning device
    * Over 1,800 Sprint Phone Repair Centers available to repair or replace your device. Visit Sprint Store Locator for the nearest location.
    * For full terms and conditions, see the Service Contract
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    people say insurance is a waste,,,i say if you can't afford 1.75 a week,,then give up the dam smartphone. I can find that in my chair cushion or walking a couple of miles. It is just so worth it,,just in case.
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    Well taking that I'm getting 20% discount on my bill evry month... it practically pays for the $7 TEP xD... well worth it
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    Palm warranty is a 1 year limited hardware warranty for new devices and 90 days for replacement units whichever is longer takes effect. All launch day devices would be out of warranty as of today which would result in an out of warranty repair fee if the device needs replaced unless you have insurance.

    If you do get your device replaced the replacement device will come with a 90 day warranty then afterwards is considered out of warranty.
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