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    I'm on VZW and I'm on my 5th pre in just as many months.

    I just flashed over all of my info to my new device but forgot to back everything up first (pics, music, video, etc.)

    Does anyone know if there is a way to mount the old device as USB (even though it is no longer active on verizon's network) to get my data?

    I havn't just tried connecting it because I only have the battery in my active unit (which is currently restoring my files) but I thought I would ask.
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    sym + grey + U. must have battery. i think.

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    You should still get the option for USB mode when you plug in the old Pre to your computer. Yes you will need the battery.
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    yes you can by doing the Option + sym + 'U" .. provided that you still are signed in to your profile on your old device (eventhough it doesnt have any services)
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