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    My recently replaced (with a refurb) pre wakes up when it is shaken or placed down on a hard surface. Is this normal? Does this happen to other people? I have the Uberkernel on with Govnah and only about 9-10 patches.
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    I just shook mine for about 2 seconds, and it's still blank screen.
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    Hmm... I'm hoping you don't have kids

    Actually, that is a strange one that I haven't heard before in the forum. I tried it with mine and nothing (but it could just be a sound sleeper). Sounds like the accelerometer is still 'talkin' to the services when it's supposed to be off. If it doesn't bother you a lot - keep it. But it if does bother you, you might want to have it checked out.

    The one way to find out if it is a patch or app causing an issue would be to perform an Erase of the device (no need for the Doctor). If the issue goes away, then you know something you installed was corrupt. If it doesn't go away, then you are looking at a hardware issue.
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    It only happens sometime. I will put in on the table kinda suddenly and the screen will turn on to the lock screen.
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    You are lucky yours only turns on the the lock screen. Mine has the same problem, when I shake the phone or put pressure on the front of the slider when closed, the screen turns on. It always launches apps in my pocket and burns battery bad. I think the sensor that tells the phone that the slider has been opened is broken. I would return your phone if I were you (I'm waiting for the sprint store to get my replacement now). I showed the sprint tech what happens when I press on the screen and he ordered me a replacement immediately, saying he had never seen the problem.
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    I just did that and yea pressing on the black screen makes it turn on. Maybe other people should check this too. This is already my 6th pre.
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    i had this problem. believe it or not this is cuz by the head jack. i still have that issue but its gotten better. if you press the top part of the phone the front and the back together that takes care of the problem most of the time,,,,,, best way to do this is call your v/m and toggle between the speaker button , if it fix you (will not )see the the headjack symbol ..... or the qtip with alcohol method, thats works too
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    Is this the new, updated, "James Bond" Pre?
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