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    I placed my pre on the touchstone. and the charging notification was going off and on like every 15 secs. I got angry and pulled the back cover off and I noticed my sim card was sticking up a little. I pushed and pressed it back into place. Now my pre has been charging non stop for the last hour while at 100%. I think if the sim card is sticking up it causes the contacts on the touchstone cover to not connect securely causing sparadic charging.

    Fix is to push and press that sim so that it's flat and down into the slot as far as possible.
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    ah nevermind it started acting up again sigh
    Palm Pro->m505->Zodiac 2->Treo 680->Treo Pro->Pre+
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    I don't have a SIM card in mine and mine does that same thing all the time, maybe someone has a fix to it, it is very annoying to hear it do that all the time.
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    I had a touchstone that done that same exact thing. I took it back to the sprint store and they exchanged it for me no questions asked. I had them try the new one in the store just to make sure that it wasnt the phone that was causing the issue. Had my new TS for over 5 months now and no issues. However, there is a patch available in preware that is supposed to deal with this issue as well. Its called "TS Charge Alert Fix". I have never used it so i cant comment on whether or not it works. If ya try it, post back and let us know if it fixed your issue.
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    My guess is that you aren't using the Palm charger. The touchstone requires 1A (1000mA) and most other adapters (including some that the Sprint store will sell you) are 500mA to 800mA.

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    here's a suggestion: go to the store you bought it from and put your phone on their touchstone. If it continues to do the bing-bong again, then there's a problem with the backplate, but if not, you'll know it's the TouchStone. I have 3 touchstones and only one of them made my phone do that. I exchanged it and no problems anymore. It's likely the touchstone....

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