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    I gave up looking for a thread on this, even in the complaints...WOW that thread is big. Anyway, has anyone seen a patch or fix or whatever that can address the following:

    I make a call, and slide the phone app out of the way so I can go back to whatever I was doing. Multitasking at it's finest. I press a button and before I can get there, the phone app slides BACK into focus, and being unable to stop the momentum of my finger, I hang up the call. I try it again, and sure enough, the annoying phone app won't go away. I this time train myself to be a little more patient, then wait for it to come back, and slide it out of the way a second time. Then I go back to doing whatever I was doing, reading, playing a game, reading emails, all while I am on that call(usually personal calls, LOL)

    Often times I will tap the power button to turn the screen off, put my phone back in my bag or pocket when I am on a call and keep going. For the longest time I had no idea this was going on, and was getting random apps loading, call waiting kicking in, calling my voicemail, forcing me to go back into my bag and rustle the phone out and kill whatever was going on. OR it would hang up the call, (even when the pre screen was off). Seriously though why when I don't need the screen does it not go away? I don't know the shortcut (if there is one) to lock the screen, so now I slide phone out of the way, and load calendar, or chat and hope to goodness I don't accidentally create something, lol.

    Further, when I want to hang up a call, I just press the hangup button on my headset. This also presents a problem. For a while, unbeknownst to me, the phone app steals focus yet again. If my Pre happens to be in my pocket or bag, it results in many times calling either the number I just hung up with, or someone else. Then I have to rustle through getting it out, hanging BACK up, and then putting it back. Grrrr....

    All in all, I have started to see this little wonder as a piece of thin ice. I am afraid to do anything but baby it for fear it's going to break (software wise). Hardware wise (other than the ubiquitous failing keyboard), it's sturdy!

    I wanna hold the backspace button and have it delete everything. Mine doesn't.

    I won't EVEN get into the delays with the contacts and the missing mute/speaker buttons panel when I want it.

    Someone did post a thread about stacked notifications, this would be really neat.

    OK enough venting...back to work.
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    Do you have Preware installed? THere are patches that can customize every aspect of what you are describing.

    I haven't seen the behavior of the phone app steals focus. It almost sounds like you aren't using the correct gestures. I have had no problem moving to a different card to do something else on a call. The phone will jump back into focus when the call ends, of course. It may be that I'm not understanding your description, or it may be that you are using different gestures.

    Check out Preware patches or the phone app first. Then perhaps post back if there are still tasks or use cases that aren't behaving for you...

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