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    Been wondering why some nights my Pre would suffer a bigger battery drain than other nights, when the unit sits at exactly the same spot. So I started turning on the Battery App to monitor the situation. On those high drain nights, there were huge current spikes and by morning my battery would be 30% down. I was at a loss.

    As it turned out, when I downloaded the Facebook app, it also managed to attach itself to my Pre Contacts. Every time one updates their contact info on Facebook, my Pre updates its contact list.

    So on these couple of nights, a few of my so called "Friends" spend the night getting their jollies by trying to best each other by rapidly changing their profiles with silly pics and updates. While they were having the profile wars, my Pre spend the night trying to keep up with their shenanigans.

    What a great way to drain your friend's Pre battery, and leaving him wondering what the heck happened the next morning. I am unlinking facebook profile from my Pre contacts. Harumph.
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    Well, you might also want to consider that your profile is most likely backed up in the middle of the night. Unless you have thousands upon thousands of friends, I do not see syncing contacts as anything than a minuscule blip on battery life. Profile pics are tiny, on my Pre they range in size from 2K to 20K (you can see for yourself, they are stored in the /var/luna/files directory).

    So, like I said, unless thousands of your contacts are updating their profile pics you should not see any unusual activity. Besides -- what would make you think this was only happening in the middle of the night?

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