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    First I would like to profusely thank all the developers that spend their time making all these patches and kernels for us to enjoy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Palm may have made a great product and a customizable platform, but the Pre is what it is because of you.

    This list details the way I have decided to configure my device, and I will update the OP to reflect any changes I make in the future. My intention is to share with the community what I found to work for me with the hope to gain feedback for improvements and to share possible improvements with others.

    All the patches are available for download in Preware. Just type the name of the app as I listed it in the Preware home screen to find it. For information on Preware and how to install it, click here. Preware


    -AT&T Palm Pre Plus

    Now available at Fry's Electronics (where I work ) for only $299.00 no contract, $149.99 upgrade and $49.99 new customers. Sorry, no free Touchstone offer. We don't even sell it.

    Update: Fry's now sells the ATT Pre Plus for $329.99 no contract, but the new activation price is now $29.99 and the upgrade price is $79.99

    -Zagg Invisible Shield

    On order, and I will have it installed at Best Buy. Best Buy does not have the Plus version so I ordered the front cover only, as I see no need to skin the grippy back cover of the Pre.
    ZAGG | invisibleSHIELD | Palm Pre Plus Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, Shields, Skins, Invisible Shield

    Update: The shield I had installed at Best Buy Mobile turned out pretty crappy. So I went to an actual Invisible Shield Kiosk at the mall and had a new one installed and they did it with no bubbles and no need to trim. It looks perfect. The only downside to the Invisible Shield is that it will collect dirt in the corners.



    Preware is an advanced package installer, which you will need to install patches, themes and applications. It will also allow you to update all the apps on your phone, from the app store to homebrew. For all the patches listed here, just install Preware to install them. Once Preware is installed, simply type the name of the patch listed on the home screen of Preware to search for it.

    This, along with Govnah, is what you need to overclock your Pre. Install this and Govnah manages the different methods and processor clock speeds.

    Update: There are newer kernels out that clock the Pre up to 1.2GHz. I went with the F105 Thunderchief that clocks the Pre to 1GHz with the screen on and down to 500MHz with the screen off or when charging. I may go back to Uberkernel now that it goes up to 1GHz. I did not do the 1.2GHz because many people have unstable phones as a result that end up in reset loops.


    This is the front end app you need to install to manage the different overclocking options. You can create profiles that have specific settings that you can load. It allows you to change the clock speed on the fly, from the stock 500 all the way up to 800MHz, and even lets you underclock your Pre down to 125MHz. It also has different governors that dynamically vary the clock speed, such as one that brings your phone back down to 500MHz when your screen is off, but brings it up to 800 when your screen is on. It also shows you the CPU temperature to keep an eye on the heat that the Pre is known to generate. If you see your device hitting 45 degrees it's time to back off. 50 degrees is considered the maximum CPU temperature before you risk damaging your device. The icon for the program shows the CPU temperature so you can keep an eye on it easily, but it only does so when Govnah is running. Govnah does not need to stay running for your phone to stay overclocked. You can set it to overclock and then close the app. I have mine programmed with one profile that puts the device to 800MHz using the performance governor.

    Update: Govnah will control any of the new kernels (if they are designed to allow it) that go up to even 1.2GHz.

    - Add Move to Folder Button
    Adds a button when viewing an email that allows you to move the email to another folder

    - Additional Contact Labels
    It adds additional phone number labels in your contact list.

    -SysToolsMgr Service
    Required to allow some of the following patches, such as Flashlight and Advanced Reset Options, to run.

    - Advanced Reset Options

    Instead of having multiple layers of shut down and restart options, Advanced Reset Options gives you all the options in one menu when you hold down the power button

    - Alarm Daily Options

    Adds the days of the week to the alarm options. With this patch you can now choose what days of the week you want an alarm to ring. The previous choice was only weekdays and weekends. For me, I have different times I need to wake up on different weekdays, so this patch made it perfect.

    - Battery Percent as Icon White

    It replaces the battery icon with a percentage. I find this way more useful than looking at that very small battery icon. There is a version of this patch that changes from green to yellow to red as the percentage goes down, but I chose white for its clean non clown look.

    Brightness in Device Menu

    Instead of having to the Screen & Lock app to change your brightness, this just drops down from the Device Menu

    - Call Duration in Call Log
    Allows you to see the call durations in the call log

    - Call Log Styling Mod
    Adds icons to all call types in your call log, not just only the red missed call icon

    - Capture with Volume Keys
    Allows you to use the volume keys to take a picture in the camera app. When shooting video, however, the volume keys will still take a still image. It will not start and stop video recording. There is another patch that allows you to press any key on the keyboard to capture an image, but since the phone will already capture an image or start and stop recording with the spacebar already, I found that patch unnecessary.

    -Confirm Delete
    When you swipe to delete an email, this patch gives you a confirmation box asking if you want to delete. This adds an extra measure of protection against accidentally deleting an email.

    - Copy URL to Clipboard
    When you hit the share button on a YouTube video, this patch adds to option to have the URL to the video copied to the clipboard. That way you can easily paste the URL to forum posts, for example.

    - Create Birthday Events - REMOVED
    With a dropdown menu in contacts, this patch will create birthday events on your calendar from your whole contact list using the Facebook birthday data. The app also allows you to remove the birthday events as well.

    Update: I removed this patch because I think it slowed my calendar down. When I removed it, it seems to have brought my calendar responsiveness back to normal, but I still get the reminders for the birthday events. I recommend not installing this patch unless you are absolutely sure you do not mind getting reminders of birthdays a couple days ahead of time, and not being able to remove those reminders.

    - Edit and Share any Video
    Does what it says, it allows you to edit and share any video, not just the ones you recorded with the Pre video camera.

    - Edit any Video Metadata
    Allows you to edit the title and description of any video

    - Enable Add/Delete Pages
    Allows you to add or remove pages from the launcher. I have 5 right now, but I may cut that back down, as it is easier to scroll up and down than left and right.

    - Enable Vibration
    For the calculator app only, this patch makes the phone vibrate every time you press a button

    - Flashlight in Device Menu

    Turns the LED Flash on from the dropdown menu on the home screen. But I do have LED torch installed as well because I like how the intensity and strobe is adjustable. This patch, along with the LED Torch app, requires the SysToolsMgr service, also found in Preware.

    Update: I noticed when comparing the intensity of the LED brightness of this patch compared to LED torch, that this patch lights the LED at 100MAh. LED Torch is adjustable up to 200MAh. So if you just need a quick light, use this. If you want the brightest light, use LED Torch. I have both.

    - Glass Effect - REMOVED and REPLACED with Glass Effect (Alternate) Theme

    Adds a very nice tinted window effect to the launcher menu instead of the washed out grey look that comes on webOS standard. Update - This patch was removed and replaced with the Glass Effect (Alternate) Theme. The theme adds the same effect not only to the launcher, but to dropdown menus and card creation outlines as well.

    - Hide Twitter Global Search
    As I have no use for twitter, I did not care to see Twitter come up as a search option in universal search. This patch takes care of that.

    - Hyperlinks in Descripts
    In the YouTube app, this patch creates hyperlinks for text URLs in descriptions.

    - Improved Photo Naming PRE
    Images in the camera app will be named in this format:
    This makes photo sorting by name perfect when transferring to PC.

    - Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot
    I am still playing around with Mode Switcher, which is an app that is supposed to be able to do all sorts of things based on triggers and timing. For example, you can set the phone to start Google Maps and keep the screen on when you put your phone on a touchstone charger between a certain time of the day, so if you have a touchstone in your car it will launch Google Maps and leave the screen on. I actually got this app because I noticed that the phone will turn the screen on at night when the battery hits 100% and even if I turn it off the screen turns right back on. I have not gotten the results I want out of Mode Switcher but I have not spent enough time configuring it to arrive at any definitive conclusion.

    Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot is what the phone needs to actually have Mode Switcher launch when Luna (or the phone) boots or reboots.

    - Match State to Area Code

    When you place or receive a phone call from an unknown number, this patch shows you the state.

    - Named Pages in the Launcher

    Allows you to set names for your launcher pages. I have main, fun stuff, media, productivity and tools

    - No Auto Refresh After Idle - REMOVED
    Disables the browser feature that webOS has that refreshes the page you have loaded when you are away from that page after a while

    - No Autodial from Call Log
    Instead of the phone app dialing a number when you tap it either intentionally or accidentally from the call log, this patch puts the number in the dialpad instead of calling it. This offers one extra layer of protection from accidentally placing calls when all you want to do is look at your call log. To place a call, just hit send when the patch places the number in the dialpad.

    - No Pause of Video on Screen Change - REMOVED
    Keeps the video playing when the video player or youtube player app is minimized or the screen turned off. It has it's uses but I uninstalled this patch because I found out that I prefer the video to pause when the app is minimized.

    - Notification Repeat
    Repeats the reminder notification every two minutes until the reminder is either snoozed or dismissed

    - PDF Redux
    I have this installed but I have not taken the time to see what changes it makes to the PDF viewer when viewing a PDF

    - Phone Radio Off

    Adds a dropdown menu option to the device menu to turn the phone radio on and off. Sometimes you may want your phone off but not your GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc...

    - Read/Delete All Email
    Adds a couple buttons to each folder of your email app that allows you to delete all your messages or mark them read.

    - Reduce Minimum Brightness
    Allows you to dim your screen down to 0%, which still uses the backlight but at a lower setting than the default 10% lowest brightness.

    - Ringer Switch Icon

    Adds a Mute icon to the top bar when your ringer switch is off

    - Share Larger Videos Via Email
    Increases the video size limit from 7MB to 25MB when you share a video by email. This will allow you to email much longer videos. 25MB is the attachment size limit of GMail.

    - Show App Details
    Shows more information about each app in the Palm App Catalog, such as version, release date and file size.

    - Show Download Count
    Shows the download count of the apps available in the Palm App Catalog

    - Show WiFi SSID
    Shows the WiFi SSID instead of the carrier string when you are connected to a WiFi network. This patch is great, but my phone still shows AT&T if I reboot my phone with the WiFi on. To show the SSID in that case, I have to turn WiFi off and then back on for it to display the SSID.

    - Snooze Duration Selection
    Gives you snooze time options for reminder notifications

    - Temperature with Battery in Device Menu

    Shows you the temperature next to battery percentage. There is a Farenheit option as well, which is a different patch.

    - Timestamps Clean
    One patch that is one of a few versions that adds timestamps to messages in the messaging app.

    - Unhide Dev Mode Icon
    Allows the Developer Mode Icon to appear in the App Launcher without having to type in the Konami code

    - Unthrottle Download Manager
    Apparently this patch is supposed to speed up downloads which removes the download speed limitation in webOS. I cannot confirm that this patch has sped up downloads since I installed this patch very soon after I got my device. But I can say that I am very pleased with my download speeds.

    - Video Camera Flashlight
    Adds a flash button to the video recorder just like the one that is on the camera. This allows you not only to turn the LED flash on to take a video, but it also allows you to turn it on and off as you are recording as well.

    - Virtual Keyboard
    Adds a virtual keyboard that works in portrait and landscape mode. It is useful for quick typing without having to slide the physical keyboard out, but has major limitations. It does not allow you to add spaces and/or backspaces in certain modes. Works well for email and messaging. Not for the calendar or memos or web.

    - Wrap Location Field
    Lets the Location field in the calendar app wrap onto multiple lines

    ****UPDATE 06.22.10****

    - Glass Effect with 3D Icons Theme

    I removed the Glass Effect patch that gave the app launcher a nice tinted window look and installed this theme that also makes the device menus have the same nice look. Also when you launch apps, you see the nice tinted transparency.

    - Faster Cards Animation
    Speeds up how fast a card is made for launching an app and switching between apps. At first I didn't think I was going to keep it because it is so fast you almost do not see the animation of the card coming on the screen or zooming in and out. But then after a few days and then playing with a Pre that didn't have this patch, the phone seemed slow going back and forth between apps, launching apps and so forth. If you get this patch, it will spoil you. This comes in a few flavors. One that removes the glow when launching an app, one that makes the glow strobe in hyper speed, and one that lets it glow like normal. I tried the one that removes the glow but then I settled on the one that glows like normal, which actually seems sped up just a little bit.

    - Character Counter

    You can see a little bubble in the top left of the text entry field that counts characters up from zero as you type.

    - Slider Blocks Orientation Change
    Perfect for web browsing lying down in bed. When the slider is open, the web browser does not use the accelerometer to rotate the screen. You can lock the browser in landscape or portrait mode.

    - Start in Fullscreen

    Fullscreen Mode

    Regular View

    Displays Google Maps in fullscreen mode. Tap and hold the screen to toggle back and forth between full screen and regular view. Now if only there was a way to view GMaps in landscape...

    ****UPDATE 08.22.10****

    Added some more patches

    -Swipe to Delete

    Allows you to swipe to delete contacts right from your contact list without having to open the contact and using the dropdown menu. You get a delete confirmation to avoid accidentally deleting contacts. This function will delete all profiles for the contact deleted except for the Facebook profile.

    - Notification Repeat
    I just realized that this patch is available in 4 different flavors. You can get one for the calendar reminders, one for missed phone calls, one for new emails, one for new messages. I installed all of them except the one for the emails. These patches will repeat notification every 2 minutes.

    - Add space between snooze and dismiss
    Makes the snooze and dismiss buttons for alarms far apart from each other so you have a much greater chance of hitting the button you actually want to hit. Perfect for me because my vision is terrible without my glasses.

    - 3000 More Autoreplace Words
    This patch adds the top 3000 words based on Google and autocorrects to the proper spelling of these words when you mistype. Great patch but you have to really pay attention sometimes because it can autocorrect to other words that are somewhat common even if you are using a real word.

    - Gesture Click Open Link in New Card
    Instead of having to press option click and choosing "open in new card" in the web browser, this patch allows you to do a gesture click on a link and it will open it in a new card.

    - Ad Blocker
    Helps to reduce the number of ads when web browsing by blocking out ad servers. A very pleasant surprise is that this works not only for web browsing, but for other apps as well. I noticed that Pandora no longer has ads, and neither does Air Traffic Lite

    - Glass Effect Suite (Alternate)
    I replaced the Glass Effect with 3D Icons to this theme. The difference is that it uses the normal program icons and doesn't black out the background of certain programs like the Glass Effect with 3D Icons theme did.

    - Reverse Keyboard Brightness
    One of my favorite patches! Instead of the keyboard dimming when the screen dims, the keyboard actually gets brighter when the screen dims, and when the screen is made brighter, the keyboard dims. This patch solves the problem of having such a bright screen at night, so now when you dim the screen at night you can see the keyboard bright and clear. And now during the day when it is bright out, it dims the keyboard because you cannot see the backlighting anyway. This patch replaces the Brightness Unlinked app, which used to have to be running on the notification pane in order for it to work.
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    wow, that's a lot of information. I'm guessing from the map that you work at the Gwinett Place store.

    Nice job of documenting the what and why of your set up!
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    Sweet I got a response! LOL

    Yes I work at the Gwinnett store.

    Now that I see that this thread is actually being looked at, I will eventually document reviews of the apps I have installed as well.
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    I like your documentation better and my post has been moved but here's the gist. I have a number of the same patches you do.

    Best Dressed Palm Pre Plus! (a bit long)


    Now before anyone decides to take me to task on that title, I'm not in any way, shape or form trying to imply my Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) is the "best dressed", it's my humorous way of wanting to find out how you protect your device.

    First, let me say that when I ordered my Palm Pre Plus in late April, I specifically told the sales rep that I wanted a "bundle" at a good price because I was tired of "free" (well, subsidized) winding up pretty costly because of "accessories" and truth be told, they did right by me; car charger, Bodyglove (w/beltclip) and a pack of screen protectors at a significant discount. I thought I was happy. That is until coming here and reading up on all the screen protectors, touchstone configurations and cases as well as trying a few out for myself. I have a small box of average quality "leftovers" (screen protectors/cases/car charger) that I'm NOT using. See what you people do?!?

    So, this is what I ultimately have on my phone.

    Skinomi Screen Protector - just installed last night and I'm loving it.
    AG Findings GRT (Glide Rail Technology) case with blue (only then-available color) front and Touchstone compatible back. Completely eliminates "oreo" if you have it or avoids it if you don't. I have a TS installed at home, at my desk at work and in the car. Until/unless I'm away from one of those locations, I'm never really low on battery life and if so, not for very long. I also wound up with one of the cradles that charges the phone and an extra battery (when I purchased a "back-up" phone off ebay) that requires using the USB port but nice to have the extra battery charged, but to sit in the cradle, one has to remove the case from the phone. Also and more just for experiment's sake, bought one of those "AA battery" chargers from CVS Pharmacy for the occasional travel related "top off" that doesn't involve pulling the car's TS setup out and taking it along.

    So, I've actually spent waaaaaay more on accessories (and a 2nd phone "just in case") than I'd ever intended and just as I'm reading there may be a new device out sometime between now and the end of the year!! Ack! Actually, I love my phone. Have "can't put it down syndrome". It's patched (57 last count), overclocked, themed (Broken Glass Theme) and I've spent nearly $100.00 in apps both before and during the 50% sale. This just isn't what I do with a phone!! At Easter, I was just saying to someone "I don't want a device that does everything". Why would I want my phone to use it's camera flash as an ad hoc flashlight? Say that after installing Jason R's patch! I'm a total convert!!

    I even had the RadioShack dude ask me the other day when purchasing an extra TS Kit for someone on PreCentral "what do you do for a living"? (Legal Executive Assistant) "Want to come work here? I need the help and you sound like you know cell phones". Well, I really only know what all you "forum folks" have taught me. This place and this phone rocks!

    OK, I'm done. So, how have you personalized your phone?
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    I thought this was some bullcrap post when I looked at the title, but it is very good and has some great information and I learned some things from it. Thanks for your work and the great screenshots.
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    Nice work laying out the setup of your phone. I too have the glass effect patch but can't find the glass effect 3D icon patch. Maybe it's been removed from the feed. It's always interesting to see how people set up their phones with all the options available via the homebrew community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    I thought this was some bullcrap post when I looked at the title, but it is very good and has some great information and I learned some things from it. Thanks for your work and the great screenshots.
    Thanks man!

    Quote Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
    Nice work laying out the setup of your phone. I too have the glass effect patch but can't find the glass effect 3D icon patch. Maybe it's been removed from the feed. It's always interesting to see how people set up their phones with all the options available via the homebrew community.
    Glass Effect with 3D icons is a theme. Remove the Glass Effect patch before trying out this theme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qwiklight View Post
    I like your documentation better and my post has been moved but here's the gist. I have a number of the same patches you do.

    Best Dressed Palm Pre Plus! (a bit long)


    OK, I'm done. So, how have you personalized your phone?
    I feel ya man. You are exactly the type of person, and the Pre is exactly the type of phone that is the reason for the trend of people switching to a smartphone. Which is also the reason for AT&T neutering the data plans.

    I saw the GRT case when I got my ATT PPP on launch day and loved the rail system. What prevented me from getting it (other than the $35.00 cost) was the hole in the back for the touchstone charger. The PERFECT case would be the GRT rail system on the Seidio touchstone compatible innocase.

    I have two touchstones. One at the bedside and the other in my car. I still have to play around with the car touchstone to get the clean look I am looking for. Right now it is just used to hold the phone because where I have the TS, the center console door would have to be open to let the cable plug into the back of it.

    I am not too concerned though because I have an arsenal of batteries and spare battery chargers left over from my centro.

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    I keep one touchstone at my bedside, one at my computer desk, and one in my car.

    Having a touchstone car setup is simply the best. My setup isn't as clean as yours (and neither is my fiancee's side of that car =P), but it definitely works for me. And the car charger (the Verizon one that came with that recent bundle deal [touchstone + car charger] for $20) also doubles having a USB port at the top!
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    299 for a no-contract Pre Plus GSM... wonder if you can score us a few?
    Palm IIIc -> Sony CLIÉ T650C -> Sony TJ-37 -> Palm TX -> Palm Centro -> Palm Pre Bell -> Palm Pre Plus Bell/Verizon Hybrid -> HP Veer -> HP Pre 3 NA -> BlackBerry Classic -> BlackBerry Priv

    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

    Need OEM Palm Pre parts? See here
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    299 for a no-contract Pre Plus GSM... wonder if you can score us a few?
    unfortunately the price went up to 399 now. Fry's decided to increase the ATT prices a hundred dollars and then increase the activation discounts accordingly, making the phones more expensive outright, but the same price to activate or upgrade.
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    Damn dude. That's a pretty extensive list. Would love to see a Pre come stock like that. Kudos to you for putting that together - will definitely be interested in reading your feedback.
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    Nice. Very helpful. I tend to install and uninstall a lot of patches, determining if I like them or not. Currently running about 50. I love seeing a list with details and screen shots.
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    Price Changes just came in starting tomorrow and the Pre Plus is 349.99 no contract.
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    Very nice documentation....
    You are the poster boy for the potential of the pre and webOS.....

    I have many tweaks as well..and would post if my wife was not waiting for me to fire up xbmc on the HTPC and watch a movie....
    I thought my pre was modded.... i am impressed with your tweaks. thx for sharing!
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    dang... some of these I never even thought of trying until just now once I saw how they'd look. great post, thanks.
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    Thanks guys. I still need to update this thread with some of the recent things I've done. Once I get some breathing room with school work I will.

    ATT Palm Pre Plus is $329.99 starting tomorrow at Fry's no ontract.
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    This is vary nice, I installed about half of these.
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    I've patched a few things here and there, and thought about doing some more but thought I'd wait for 1.4.5 to come out. Well, after reading your post and giving up on the os update, I took the dive.

    I am now a patch-a-holic.

    thanks for your post!
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    Great post. Thanks for the information.
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