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    Just got my Pre Plus from AT&T yesterday. Loving it so far, except for these two issues.

    Whenever someone sends me a text message, it always says "message sent at xx:xx" underneath the time when I received it... The issue is, that time is always 1 hour earlier than when the message was actually sent to me. For instance, a friend sent me a text at 11pm, it said I received it at 11pm, but it said she sent it to me at 10pm, which was wrong. It's not a major issue, but it's slightly annoying. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? The time on the phone is correct, and text messages are the only time there seems to be any hint of a wrong time.

    Secondly, last night I noticed I can see this grid pattern of specks under the screen. They look like little specks of dust set in a perfect grid pattern that won't move. I'm assuming they're the touch sensors, and I'm also assuming I'm not supposed to actually see them, right? Was told by someone that it goes away after about a day, but they don't seem to be going anywhere on mine. I figured I'd mention this since I wanted to inquire about the time thing anyways.

    Any help will be appreciated, folks!
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    On the first issue I've had similar experience with some message on my pre but also on earlier phones. It has nothing to do with your pre but with the servers that store the message inbetween your friends phone and yours. One of them has the wrong date/time stamp and this messes up what you get in the end.

    The grid is always there I can see mine if I look for it and especially in a strong light, but mostly I do not notice it. I guess they've faded from my concious mind
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    I do believe the specks your seeing is the grid for the touchscreen. Without the grid the OS would have no input on how you are touching the screen.

    Oh and I've had the SMS time issue as well.
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    I had a feeling the SMS time thing was a network issue. I guess I just have to cross my fingers that the kink works out at some point.

    And apparently adding "grid" to my previous Google search got me a LOT more hits about the screen, even an old topic here on PreCentral. Although from what most people say, it seems it's usually only really visible under really specific situations(angles, bright light, etc.). Mine are constantly visible, from straight on, if the screen is any color brighter than black, and my face is closer than 3 feet. So think I'll still exchange it today and hope I get one where it's a little less "severe." If not, I'll eventually learn to live with it.

    Thanks for the responses, guys.

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