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    Is anyone else having an issue where BCC recipients are not getting your e-mail sent from your Pre's e-mail app? I sent out six messages today that had between eight and fifteen people on the BCC list and one person (myself, one address [same as outgoing address] for three messages and another address for the other three) on the To list. None of the BCC ppl got the messages, but the To list addresses got the messages right away each time.

    I don't know if the problem is my Pre or my e-mail server provider, so I'm checking here first.

    I used the "Mail Lists" app to make the mailing lists I used for the BCC recipients.
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    Only way would be to test it out yourself. I haven't heard of this problem, but seeing how you are using an app as well then that just adds one more variable to this problem.

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    I have tested it and everything sent with all my tests. I tried a BCC on my computer with the same e-mail addy, went through. I tried a test BCC with two addresses in it via "Mail Lists" on my Pre, went through. I tried sending the same message I tried earlier today to the test BCC list (the message was created with the "SMS MMS Email Emoticons" app), went through.


    I guess I will try sending it out to my mailing lists again. I would think 15 ppl wouldn't be too many for the Pre or "Mail Lists" and certainly not 8 ppl! (Two lists have 15, one has 8. I split them up because it was taking forever and a day for the Pre to processing sending the message to them all in one list. The Pre processes these numbers just fine.)
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    Well, I finally got it to send out and ppl got it by using the "To" field. However, some ppl did get it the two times just before that when I did "BCC" (but everyone I spoke to at that time didn't get it, which is why some ppl ended up with three copies of both e-mails, LOL). Nobody got it the first time I tried sending it out yesterday, though. Or back in April.

    I don't know what the issue was with the first time I sent it out yesterday and in April, but I'm wondering if the two "BCC" times that went to some ppl didn't get through to the others because of Spam filters on their servers (servers that block "BCC" e-mails?). I dunno. I just know it stinks that I can't "BCC" it.

    Oh - and I picked nine of my e-mail addresses (some on different servers like yahoo and gmail) and one of my friends' (she has an auto-reply set up right now, so it was good for testing - poor thing had about ten e-mails from me waiting in her box this morning, LOL!!) and made a "Mail List" of them and BCCed it and they all went through just fine. Another reason I'm guessing some of my friends have dumb Spam filters or something (but that many of them?! I don't know...).

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