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    Not sure if it is my computer or something else. It is not the Pre because I have had two f them and they are both doing the same thing. Whenever I try to transfer music on to the Pre, it crashes. It will usually sync 15-20 songs from my library and then crash. I have tried normal drag n drop and Media Monkey. Both have the same issue. I have searched the forums and can't find a reference. Anyone have an easy solution or experienced this? Thanks.
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    Never seen this referenced anywhere, but does your computer crash? If so, then this is unrelated to the Pre. Especially since it has happened for two Pre's

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    Nope. Computer is fine. I unplug the Pre and Luna restarts. I can plug it back in and it will transfer more over for a few minutes then it crashes again. If you can imagine it is tedious transferring my library.
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    Having the same problem. I am using DoubleTwist and it crashes after about 5-10 seconds of transferring playlists. Phone is brand new...extremely frustrating and don't know it's a software or hardware problem.
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    Well my first Pre was a brand new ATT Pre Plus and this one is a nearly new one I purchased off Craigslist. I do not think it is the phone hardware but maybe a software bug of some sort.
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    I've heard some people say they had a similar effect when they used an aftermarket USB cable, rather than the Palm factory one that came with the phone. Hmm.. other than that, I got nothing.
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    Originally I used another cable but have since switched to the one that came with the Pre. No better. Oh well, I am going to get it synced eventually.

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