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    So June 3rd i dropped my pre in between my seat, backed up the car seat to get it out and crushed the screen.

    I was eligible for an upgrade so the next day i bought the evo. is there ANY WAY to access the contacts on the palm pre so i can put it on the evo. Some lady at the sprint store said she couldnt do the switch with the machine since she needs the screen to type in stuff
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    Don't suppose you had a Gmail account tied to your Pre, did you? I don't remember setting the Pre to sync to my Gmail, but after my screen died, I went and looked and all of the contacts I had added myself (as in, not via Synergy) were all there in my Gmail address book, and now reside on my Evo.
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    Contact data that is stored in the palm profile is stored in the palm profile and can't be accessed on the computer or other sources. I am assuming since you are needing to get the data off of the device it is not backed up to an online solution such as EAS and Google.
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    yeah i didnt have it backed up on the computer anywhere.

    can i access anything is usb mode?
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    Do you have q nother palm you can take out the palm database switch to another pre put it on and backup to Google then retrieve it
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    Here's a complicated way that requires using another pre temporarily:
    1. Go to Sprint and buy a Palm Pre on a new line
    2. Load your existing Palm profile onto that Pre
    3. Put it into developer mode, install preware, and then install this patch.
    4. Email your contacts to gmail & load into google contacts
    5. Return the pre to sprint and cancel the line under sprint's absolutely free for 30 days plan

    As far as USB mode goes, if you already have the phone in developer mode, then you can probably get the PalmDatabase.db3 and extract the contacts from it using this method.
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    wow thanks a lot mu7
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    sprint didnt have the cellebrite machine to transfer contacts from phone to phone?

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