I got a problem for that i could not turn up sensible answers via the search function.

I own a german O2 GSM Pre on the E-Plus-Network (via SIMYO Reseller). All worked fine for some time, but since some weeks, i encounter the strange problem that the 3G-icon gets displayed when being away from Wifi-coverage, but i cannot get any data connection. Stopping data usage usage via a system menu patch and re-enabling it immediately afterwards cures the problem, and everything works fine, until i get Wifi-coverage again (for example at home), and leave it again after some time: Again no data connection via 3G, until i kind of "reset" the 3G-Usage. Via Wifi everything works OK. My wife has the same phone on the same network and experiences the same. She can fix her data connection via 3G by turning data usage off and on again in the phone preferences (She does not have a patch for that installed).

I suspect there must be a problem when the phone automatically switches from Wifi to 3G usage, some network routing or other stuff must go wrong. Unfortunately, i have no idea where to look to resolve the problem.

As the problem is there since some weeks only, something must have changed (an webOS-update, some install?) on both phones.

Did anyone encounter the same or has some advice what i can look up in the phone to pin the problem down?

I do have linux knowledge, root terminal access and a technical mind at hand.

Thank you,