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    These are on my Sprint Pre on the 1mb and 3mb tests. On 3G.

    And these 2 are on my laptop 3mb and 5mb tests on a 7mb Road Runner connection.
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    Sprint Pre, 3G, basic 100KB test:

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    Sprint Pre in Sacramento, CA. 3G on 1MB test.

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    Here's my result...7mb @ work on my labtop

    ~850kbps on Pre+ Verizon 3g...full bars...2mb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    I want to see some more sprint ones to compare as well as att
    889kbps on sprint, full bars. Between 7 and 8mbps is right around the max for the device I think. Using my PC and the Pre on the same network my desk clocked in at 14mbps and the pre was between 7 and 8mbps.
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