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    i have recently noticed that there is a new "media sync" option, what does this work with?
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    You can enable the media sync option if you need it, but it's really not needed anymore. You can use many free programs to sync media to your phone without that being enabled.

    Try out one of these media options for syncing music to your device: DoubleTwist, MediaMonkey, or Songbird.
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    Media sync works with up to Itunes version 9.0.1. If you have never used media sync it is not enabled by default to do so you will need to go to device info press the menu key and enable media sync.
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    Actually, MediaSync works with MediaMonkey, too! MediaMonkey is by far the best replacement for iTunes I have found (yes, even works with your iPods).

    The advantage to using MediaSync is that you can set up MediaMonkey so that it will eject your device after syncing, preventing you from missing calls, texts, etc...
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    winamp =)

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