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    Is their a decent document viewer,editor and creator working on web os that supports excel, PowerPoint and word.
    I really need this on a phone and android has an awesome document creator,
    windows phone 7 is going to have an awesome document creator so surely palm should have one.
    Do any of you guys know one?
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    so far, no. "Scratch" is a prety decent word processor, but not as full featured as Docs2Go that has an android version. There is hope that Quickoffice or Dataviz might get around to it, & some have been loking into an OpenOffice possibility.
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    So Evan, you're a little late to the party, but that's okay.

    Docs to Go was supposed to be a launch partner. Then they said Docs to Go was 'coming' to WebOS, then they admitted that they had stopped working on Docs to Go because of the lack of a blended SDK/PDK. Now they are currently and officially 'on hold'. They have stated that when it is possible to do a WebOS version, they will.

    Personally I don't need to edit Word or Excel as much as I used to. Google docs work better for me because they're in the 'Cloud'. For Google Docs editing, yes, Scratch is the one to get. There is also ClouDocs. I just got it, can't give a review yet, but I like it so far.

    There are a few threads about this, I'm sure. But that's the basic gist of all of them.

    If seamless MS document editing is what you're looking for, I hate to say it but WebOS isn't there yet. Sorry. Let's hope HP sees this as a priority.
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    I just did a quick check and yes you can get Documents to Go working in the Palm OS Classic app

    Here's the thread.

    Docs to Go

    It's not fancy, but it will work.

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