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    For what it's worth, after lurking around on these forums for the full year, waiting for an AT&T version of the Pre, I've been trying it out for the last 2 weeks, and you can check out my full review at Ira Deutchman The Palm Pre: My New “Everything” Device?.

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    Hi Ira, and Welcome into the light from the rafters!

    I read the review and thought it was well thought out and well written. There are some things that, like you, miss with Exchange email and such. Overall, great review.

    There is one thing that concerned me with your review though... the fact that you hadn't really explored the side of webOS that truly makes it even more unique - Homebrew (which Palm supports and encourages). If you like your device now, but are still 'torn', you need to take the time and add Preware to your device and explore all of the hundreds of additional patches (tweaks), and applications that are available.

    You mentioned that you didn't want to try overclocking because you didn't want to void your warranty. Within Preware, there are two(2) new items called the Uberkernal, and Govnah. The first is an extremely safe and tested kernal that allows you to move your processor speeds from 125MHz to 800MHz (with several steps in between). The latter (Govnah) works with the kernal and allows you to set your device for many different preset states (ie: dropping down the speed when the screen is off and instantly bringing it back up when the screen is on). A large number of members (myself included) have been running these kernals for a long time with no adverse effects. The great thing about them, is that you can unload them from your device in a matter of seconds very easily and revert back to you stock settings.

    Preware is safe and recognized by Palm as a great add-on to the webOS experience. There are patches to add more functionality to email, notifications, alarms, browsing, and many more. It also brings a HUGE number of additional Homebrew applications to the platform. You mentioned issues with the music player... there is a music player called MusicPlayer-Remix that adds even more features to the stock player.

    Your article also mentioned issues with the breaking of the ability to sync with iTunes. Yes, this was sad for some in the beginning, but there are several other companies who have stepped up and offer FREE media syncing programs that work seamlessly with webOS devices. The interfaces are just like iTunes, but even more customizable. If you don't like going the drag/drop route for moving music to your device, try out one of these applications: DoubleTwist, MediaMonkey, Songbird (all are fantastic and as easy as iTunes to use).

    I came from many years of using the Treo 650 and 680's myself for work and loved those phones. When I moved to the Pre, I really liked it but there were little things that got to me. When I added Preware and was able to add the tweaks I missed with the simple click of a button, I was sold and never looked back to my past Treo years.

    Try out Preware and Homebrew and then update your article with your honest thoughts. Right now your review is good, but lacking the view of what this device can really do. Don't worry... you cannot "brick" your device like you can with another OS. Palm makes it so that if you ever do 'mess up' and want to revert to your stock settings, they provide a free application called 'webOS Doctor' that you run on your computer with your device plugged in and it will reset everything back to stock. How cool is that?! Gotta love how Palm things and embraces the Homebrew community!

    Grab Preware, install the Uberkernal and Govnah (which are totally safe), tweak your device with some patches... heck, even change the look completely with one of the hundreds of free Themes available... and then post your updated thoughts. Until then, you're truly missing a lot and the review is rather incomplete.

    Glad to see you're a Cubbies fan though!
    Again, nice (partial) review!
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    Welocme aboard (hopefully), Ira

    I "progressed" from my 650 to a 755, and stuck with it until January when Verizon got the Pre+.

    I enjoyed your review, and I'm envious of the ATT version's functioning GPS tools.

    I fully agree with the previous post-er, who recommended getting into Preware. I had some reservations at first, and I have not (yet) applied the Kernel-type patches, but thre is such a huge variety out there...most "quirks" can definitely be handled.

    As for solitaire, I decompress / grey/zone out the same way. I found a freebie (Free Klondike Solitaire), along with Reversi and PreJeweled. Depending on my zone-out status, environment and time availability, I use on or more of them to "build some space"!

    As for exchange and synergy, 2 days after getting the Pre it had already transformed my life. We have a small IT company, and ARE running exchange 2007, but the real-time updates, handling my exchange and POP mails accounts, calendar AND TASKS is just awesome.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the Pre...

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    OK guys, you got me. I was trying to keep the review relatively short, and actually failed miserably. But just so you don't think I read everything on this site very closely, I've added a revision to my review down at the bottom. It's at the original link in my post above. I hope this makes the review more complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iradeut View Post
    OK guys, you got me. I was trying to keep the review relatively short, and actually failed miserably. But just so you don't think I read everything on this site very closely, I've added a revision to my review down at the bottom. It's at the original link in my post above. I hope this makes the review more complete.
    Very fair update I still would like you to see you use Uberkernal and Govnah suggestions for ramping up your device's speed. It's a nice improvement in speed. I will admit though...Palm's recent updates have increased their device speeds significantly from initial release. The kernal just takes it that extra step and makes everything flow incredibly and safely. Just look for them in Preware and you can install and uninstall them from there.

    You did also make a valid point about the 3 suggested programs not pulling the metadata correctly. I did forget about this little quirk, but there is a fix to it posted in the forums (if I remember correctly). I do agree that there are still some areas that Palm needs to address, but they have been awesome in responding to the community quickly with fixes. Several Palm employees monitor our forums (and others I'm sure) and are quick to not only offer help, but pull our gripes and suggestions into Palm to address. The Exchange issues do need to be addressed, and I truly hope they are with the upcoming update. I use 2 Exchange accounts which were 2007 versions, but now they have been converted over to the Google Enterprise service which works very nicely too. But I do feel for you and hope it is resolved soon.

    Again, thank you for the nice (and very fair) review! It's refreshing to see one come out that is balanced. Also, thank you for seeing our suggestions and updating your review. Now we can only hope for another update later after a longer time with the device - and hopefully after you've put you toes in the water with the Uberkernal.

    Nicely done!

    BTW.... I forgot to mention that you can always download an older version of iTunes (<9.02) which will work perfectly fine with the Pre. This will fix your metadata issues.
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    Hi again, Ira

    Nice update on your review.

    Asides from everything else, your IT folk might want to review their Exchange situation/strategy. 2003 is already out of support (April 2009), and 2010 is now out... and requiring a Server 2008 platform. Depending on the size of your orgainiation, you're either looking at a hectic upgrade process or moving platform (hosted services/"clouds", etc, which I personally do not wish to consider).

    Anyways, good luck with your endeavours, abd hanks for a wonderfuly balanced review.


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