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    Anybody know of a banking app that can be used on the Palm Pre to check balances, do transfers, etc.
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    I think there's a few. Look for My Checkbook.
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    I use mobank but it is only available for UK users and only looks up balances and recent transactions. I'm not aware of anything for outside the uk, but I did see a thread on developing somthing for the US, I will try to find it.
    I think you can use the pre browser to log into online banking for most places.
    What type of accounts and transfers are you looking to use it for?
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    there is a wells fargo app
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    I one too
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    There are several banks that offer mobile sites that work just like a stand-alone app (BoA for example). I use mine daily for balance checks and transferring money - very good interface.

    You can find a a list of many good mobile sites being currently listed here:
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    Not sure if you mean one that will check with your bank or a stand-alone program. If the latter - I use Checkbook and find it great. With it, you can backup (export) to Google so if you lose things on the Pre you can recover them easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie121 View Post
    I one too

    I have not seen a app for webos.. Did you find one?
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    I use ClearCheckbook. It's free, and you can use it through your computer browser as well.
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    actually on they show about 10 banking/money related apps on the home page. just click on one, and you can text a link to your phone to donwload :O
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    both citibank and chase have mobile sites that work quite well.
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    If you want an app that actually does the checking, transferring, etc. you'll have to use your bank's mobile site (unless you have one of the few [if not only] bank[s] that have an app).

    If you want an app where you enter the info. to keep track of balance, budgets, etc. for checking, savings, and credit card accounts, there are several apps. I use "Checkbook", which I've found to be the best one for my likes and needs.
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    if you really need an app you could just add bookmark to launcher and customize the icon. mobile sites do just as good as an app as they do what was intended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullonparade85 View Post
    both citibank and chase have mobile sites that work quite well.
    if you have to go to the website and log in you can do that with any phone with a web browser. Doesn't help sell Pres.
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    Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

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