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    hi all,

    Admittedly the clock on the Pre leaves a lot to be desired, but the last 2 days have been unbearable...

    whenever I pu the phone into standby, the clock stops. As in checked e-mail on my phone at 16.05, then went off to do something else, come back to look at my phone at 16.45, and the clock on the unlock screen still shows 16.06!

    I have restarted, turned off network time etc but still the same, any suggestions?
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    How about trying this sequence:

    1) Turn off Network Time and time zone
    2) Restart phone (or shut down, pull battery, re-install battery, restart phone)
    3) Turn Network time back on
    4) Restart if that didn't help

    You could also try calling your cell phone from a landline. I know that when Daylight Saving Time happens, that's a quick way to sync the time.
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    I actually realised that I was severely hacked off as it wasn't picking up my Exchange e-mails. So I just took the back off and pulled the battery.

    Touch-wood seems to be OK now.
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    Yeah, it has happened to me whenever I leave the Pre on two or three days in a row. Since I reboot it every night I haven't had it anymore

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