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    I have an unlocked AT&T Pre + that I'm currently using in the UK.
    It works perfectly except I don't have any GPS as I obviously can't use the AT&T one.
    Is there an app out there that can give me the same level of GPS as on either Sprint or AT&T?

    Google maps has free GPS navigation for Droid fones I hear, but nothing for WebOS?
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    I deliver mail for a living so for me i will stick with my tomtom,
    although it would be a nice addition for occasional usage i s'pose.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    boy don't I wish. Fortunately I've still got my trusty Nokias with free Nav for life.
    Skype and Nav are two reasons I still need my Nokias.
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    Sadly, it is something the pre is really really lacking outside of america, true turn by turn navigation, atm we have a have assed google maps which is behind compared to the iphone or android versions...

    And sadly i think it will be a while before garmin or tomtom make software for webos...(hopefully within a year as ima be driving then)

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