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    I am hoping someone can clear up a few questions, that I have related to unlocking the AT&T 'Palm Pre+' with a code provided by AT&T.

    1. When and at what stage does the AT&T 'Palm Pre+' ask for the unlock/unblock code?

    2. What is the term that AT&T uses for this? Is it 'unlock code' or 'unblock code'?.

    3. Is it possible to unlock the phone, using the 'unlock/unblock code' provided by AT&T, without another company SIM?

    4. Is there anyway to confirm the Palm Pre+ is unlocked, that is without actually trying it with another company's SIM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Unlock = Network Unlock Code, required to use a locked phone on another network
    Unblock = Modem is locked; incorrect code has been entered 10x

    I think Palm is responsible for the Pre's interface, but I would think AT&T uses unlock code.

    For the end user I would think not. You need a third-party SIM for the Enter Network Unlock Code screen to pop up.

    For the end user I would think not.

    Anyone feel free to correct or elaborate.
    Thank you very much. As always, your posts and replies are always very thorough. Your contribution to this forum is outstanding and certainly very appreciated.
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    Overheard someone say your Pre got the 1.4.5 OTA update earlier tonight. First again .... how is it?

    OOPS, hijacked another one ...
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