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    do a search, i reported this like a month ago.. w/ pictures..

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    I am pretty sure Jack Bauer on 24 carries a Pre. And his had the patch that allowed for answering by opening the keyboard slider, and hangs up by closing the slider.
    I doubt his was even on when he "answered" the call, lol. It's just for effect. And sliders look cool when they do that. Even notice how many TV shows have a dial tone play when the call hangs up, even on a cell phone? It's for effect. Maybe it was on and he was ordering lunch. Then again, if the chronology of the show is correct, he's been without sleep for what, 9 days straight? I'd have no idea HOW to answer calls with that little REM activity, hehe
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    The Pre was featured during one of the episodes of the reality TV series "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians" a few months back, where the 'survivors' received video messages from home. Jeff Probst handed them a Pre and let them all gather 'round it so they could view short videos from their loved ones back home all the while dripping homesick tears all over the touchscreen. One of reality TV's more tender moments lol
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