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    I have a shore house I go to for the month July. We normally get opt online for the month. I was wondering If I could use the mobile hotspot app for the month. Is there any way to get updates when I hit 1gb, 2gb, 3gb, etc.
    Thanks in advance
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    If you're talking about cost I believe mobile hotspot is free..
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    If you're talking about cost I believe mobile hotspot is free..
    Free for the first 5gb. That is what the OP is asking. This is a good question and I would like to know as well.

    Is it in the MyVerizon website that's pre-bookmarked on the PPP?
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    5GB is alot of data. You could use it if you tryed, but I think it would be hard. I use a broadband USB modom on my PC, with a 5GB plan. I would share the connection with my PS3 for 3-4 hours a night (game play). I would constantly be checking my usage. In 6 months the most I've used, in 1 month is around 4.5GB. I don't even pay attention to the usage anymore. I don't think you need to worry! Unless you use your phone to install Webdocter to like 25 different computers. That might do it! 200Kb(pic) / 1024Mb = 5.12(1Mb) x 1024 = 5242.88 (1Gb) x 5 = 26,214.4pics(5Gb). Or you could download 26,214.4, (200Kb) pictures!
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