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    I'd like to be able to plug my PPP in to some external speakers, like say computer desktop speakers (i do not use bluetooth so am not interested in any blue tooth devices) so i can listen to music from my phone in the office without ear buds.

    Anyone have any recommendations for some good but reasonably-priced speakers that will plug in to the phone?
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    I've been using a radio connector I purchased on Woot a while back. Plug it into to the headphone port, and set my stereo to the radio station on the receiver and works great!
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    what do you consider reasonable.

    for starters, under most circumstances i would avoid bose, especially computer speakers, you are paying for cheap paper speakers, with a well advertised name.

    For less money you can get fantastic sounding speakers, but the trick is to look for active monitors. these are used in recording studios, and are built with quality and accurate sound in mind.

    head on over to a guitar center to test some out and see what you like


    Behringer MS16 Active Personal Monitor System and more Studio Monitors at for some around $69

    and more

    Studio Monitors including Powered Monitors from

    my personal favorite for speakers on a desktop are planar speakers, they are made of thin material (usually mylar) and don't have a cone like classic speakers. if you are sitting in there right place (IE have them pointed correctly at your chair at work) they create an amazing holographic soundscape.

    On top of that, they look sleek and futuristic, but not in that obtrusive, "I have huge bubble speakers with lights in them, and probably paid too much", kind of way 80 bucks.
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    some other suggestions

    these are all in the $70 dollars plus range, i realize. if you are going for less, creative and logitech can be decent, but most all use similar quality parts, and there isn't a huge amount of variation in terms of the sound you will get between them.

    I use some creative speakers at my computer, and they work just fine, have for a few years without issue. I did replace the crappy speaker wire that came with them though.

    other brands at the 70 buck range to consider are m-audio M-Audio - m-audio monitor: Musical Instruments

    and if you go the ebay rout and want the best bang for your buck, i cannot recommend monsoon, a now defunct canadian brand, any more

    these speakers are legends among mine and my brothers friends, for hitting way way way above the belt in audio performance for the price.

    MONSOON PLANARMEDIA 9 AUDIO SPEAKER SYSTEM P351-O167-AA - eBay (item 120576403005 end time Jun-05-10 11:20:26 PDT)

    note, i don't know this seller, just saying these speakers are wonderful.
    There are four lights.

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