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    I turned my phone off to swap my battery with another one and after I did that the power button stopped working and I cannot turn the phone back on, what do I do?
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    Pull the battery and replace it again. Then try the power button again. give it a moment to respond. If not, call your carrier customer service so they can step through a trouble shooting script.
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    Pull the battery and wait for a few seconds before putting it back in and see if that gets the device functioning again.

    If not, try putting the device in recovery mode by pulling the battery, holding the volume UP button while putting the battery back in. Keep holding the button until you see a big picture of the USB icon. If that comes up, plug the device into your computer and see if you can access it via USB. If you can, eject the device from your computer by right clicking on the device icon under My Computer. The device should go back to the normal 'main' screen. Now see if your power button works.

    If this didn't help, you many have to simply pull your power button and try THIS FIX.

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