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    Hello All

    I just got the Palm Pre Plus from Verizon. Its weird to say that this is my first smartphone due to the fact that Im the one who does all the set up on most of the smartphones in my home and at the job. I have had the phone for a little over a week and other than adding a few apps from the app store I haven't really dug deep yet.. So far this phone rocks and I would love to put some "fun time" in customizing it .. I have been geeking it up on the web and keep seeing " preware " coming up.. What do I need to know about it and how do I set it up.. Will it mess with the phone any ( in a bad way) I had a few things bricked due to (ware) downloads..

    This site rocks keep it up
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    welcome. you can't really break anything. you can always use webOSdoctor to fix it, or do a full erase and just log back in to your Palm Profile.

    Be sure you get QuickInstall and Preware.
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    Hi Ozzgood75 and Welcome to the P|C forums - and your new addiction!

    I would say the best places to start reading would be:

    and for customizing your device with patches and Homebrew apps, you can read up and start the process here:

    Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions!
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    Welcome. So long as you read up and understand what you are doing you can't go far wrong. It is very sraight forward.
    Check out and post if you need more help
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    Welcome!!! And Preware is your friend!!!

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