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  • Over 10gb

    1 1.59%
  • 7-10gb

    2 3.17%
  • 5-7gb

    7 11.11%
  • 3-5gb

    11 17.46%
  • 1-3gb

    23 36.51%
  • Under 1gb

    19 30.16%
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    I'm just wondering how much data everyone uses. Since the announcement of AT&Ts new data plans, I checked how much I've been using (I'm on Sprint). Ever since I got the Pre, I've consistently been between 3 and 4 GB of data a month. I stream radio all day while at work, so I'm constantly using data while at my desk. I think one month I was actually over 5GB. I don't do any tethering really, I just use the apps that are provided on the phone, such as Pandora and RadioTime. I'm just glad I'm on Sprint. I would be getting completely screwed with AT&T's new plans.

    So, how much data do you all use?
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    Between 7 and 8 gigs a month
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    Me: 1'ish GB
    Wife: 600'ish MB
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    Btw, to find out your data usage you will need to visit your carriers website and check your account by phone line. Check last months usage.

    I'll check mine later and post it here. You should make this a poll. Make sure you use a lot of options.


    On average, I use about 1gb a day. I use WiFi whenever I can at home, so it truly is not that much usage. I don't do much multimedia browsing either. Most of it is Facebook, web browser (mainly mobile sites), and downloading apps/feeds. I could easily get by on at 2 gb cap.
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    241 megs in 13 days. first month I really started using the pre much on the net.
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    This month almost a gig only because I've been using Sprints data network on purpose. I do the majority of my data over Wi-Fi so my usage over Sprints network is usually slim to none.
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    Halfway thru, around 600 megs.
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    I downloaded netstat on the 19th of may and have used 1.07 gb and 308 mb of wifi
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    I have used 6 gb and wife 1.9 and the month does not end until the 17th. I palm pre she htc hero
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    Easily 2 gigs a month. Mostly tethering.
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    heh I'm on bell, and I'm not sure if they just don't record anything other than the browser traffic.. the other night I downloaded a full tv show over evdo (around 140mb), and it only recorded it as 1mb..

    I haven't ever gone above 10mb, even though I have 1gb.. I haven't tethered much though, so I'm going to try that soon.. I'm constantly on the web with this.. so I don't get it..
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    I use on avg monthly 2-4Gb... my friend... ugh on his avg over 7Gb... sometimes 11Gb+
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    Back when I has service, I would use between 2 and 4 gigs a month.
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    I can't vote, I use 3.5-6.5 gigs a month. No option for me!!
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    probably needed choices at 1gb increments... I'm at 1.5gb after 28 days
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    Before I got my Pre, I never went over a Gig in a month... In the year I've had my Pre I have ranged between 2 - 5 1/2 Gigs a month.
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    around 2gigs. i wonder how much i really use, since i have wifi enabled most of the time...
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    Day 10 of my billing cycle and over 1g already.

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    I'll be right at 5GB with close to 3 being hot spotted. The Pre Hot Spot supplements the MiFi Hot Spot.
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    Starting this month, I'm using my 2 Palm Pres in Minnesota exclusively for internet. I have one connected to my HTPC right now downloading some crap but I'm sure I'll go over 5GB a month at this rate and they had better not give me any lip because I will go Bakersfield chimp on them.

    I've been reading mixed results on a cap of usage. Some say they're over 5GB/Mo with no problems. I have the Family 1500 Unlimited Data/SMS plan and I haven't found any evidence yet that says there's a limit.
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