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    Really 46 views and 0 replies? C'mon this means that Mobile Hotspot CAN run on Sprint!
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    ahem, but this is nothing new ... Do you want a medal for something that hundreds (at least) have done??

    Did you also know that you can send SMS messages with your Pre? :P

    Just do a quick search and you will see many, many other posts discussing this. People have been using MHS for many months.
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    This is on Sprint. Used with no homebrew just by downloading the app from the store, when it was on for about 5 mins.
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    Ah well, someone close this please.
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    Dude... don't be <rude> about it and have an attitude. Just politely give him a link to the thread that references this topic if you want to be helpful.

    I'm also trying to understand why your screenshots look like a Verizon phone though. Did you change the EVDO icon to 3G? Also how did you get the GPS icon to appear.
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    /request close

    @Abyssul Patches. There on preware
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    You can find a complete "How to" for Installing Mobile Hot Spots here:

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