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    In the last few weeks my pre's screen has been acting weird. If I turn the screen off, or if the phone goes into standby, a light touch to thefront of the phone will turn the scrren on, but not to the lock screen. It is as if the phone thinks the slider is open and a key was pressed. It's really annoying because my screen turns on in my pocket all the time and launches apps or changes settings without my input. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any solutions?
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    Have you tried going into "Device Info" and restarting you Pre?
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    Yeah I have tried resets and battery pulls. It seems like it might be a hardware issue, but one I have never heard of. I'm afraid my local sprint store might be pretty crowded with the evo launch today so I dont feel like going in with a pre issue right now and having the evo pushed on me.
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    Sorry about your Pre, my Pre had that same issue awhile back where there was no slider lock button but a reset fixed it.

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