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    This is my second pre plus in 1 month. After loading couple homebrew patches, everything worked fine. Two days ago I have turned on the main pre lock and it was ok until today. Now when I open dial pad enter the number and press send, the phones screen turns off not allowing me to access anything on the pre. After call is finished the screen continues to stay off. Same thing when I try to receive calls. I have tried power button and nothing responds, have to remove and replace battery to reset it. Any idea ? Thanks
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    is anything covering the ambient sensor on the top right of the pre? it turns the screen off when your on a call. when your done it should turn back on. do you have a screen protector on? also you can test the ambient sensor by going to device info, tap the top left area that says device info and click interactive tests.
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    What patches do you have installed?
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    tried to blow air into the sensor and now only after the call ends the screen turns on again. Is there a way to clean fine dust from the sensor? Maybe it's failing? Does anyone have similar problem?
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    i tried compressed air in the sensor and it worked. thank you.
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    where is the sensor located? Is it in the speaker slot near the top/front?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    where is the sensor located? Is it in the speaker slot near the top/front?
    to the right of the earpiece
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    sounds like either the sensor is bad or u might have something in the way of it (screen protector or body protector)

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