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    Probably don't need to say where I'm going and don't really expect anyone to care...Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me with my pre and to all the great homebrew people for their work before the app catalog and for there continued work afterwards.
    I really hope that there will be another webos phone coming down the pipe by next year.

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    Thanks to you as well for participating! Please stay around and help others as you become a Precentral expert!
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    We wish you well.

    PreCentral was my idea!

    So, you are welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    We wish you well.

    PreCentral was my idea!

    So, you are welcome.
    I thought Windows 7 was your idea.. hmm...

    OP... you are welcome back anytime!
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    @Berdinkerdickel,so you the big man on here who closed my pole. Huh? But after reading all those complaints about my choices to my question,i am kinda glad you did. Thank you for a wonderful forum.

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